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use terraform for deploying ZVM 10U4 Mgd App

  • Hi, I would like to have an example about how to use terraform to deploy 10U4 in Azure. Since recently the Marketplace ZVM is no more a simple VM but a Managed Application. I am aiming at building terraform script to deploy the ZVM at Client side in Azure to perform demo or even deploy it once baught. To deploy a Managed App via Terraform, you need to create or point to an existing Managed Application Definition, but this is unclear how to reference an App Definition in Azure on the Market place. I have consulted Azure docs about the structure of a managed app definition but it requires mainTemplate JSON file and a UI JSON file, and I do not know where to find them. I can download the JSON ARM template coming from an atempt to deploy the Managed App from the Market Place, but how to use that ? Could anyone just provide a simple example of a proper deployment in Azure of a ZVM, that is now working as a Managed App, with Terraform ?

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