Upgrading vCSA from 6.5 to 6.7U2 Undo

  • Production environment, upgrading VMWare vCSA from 6.5 to 6.7U2. Will be working with VMWare and following the standard procedure for upgrading the vCSA. Wanted to double check my Zerto process. Should I stop the Zerto Virtual Manager service prior to starting the vCSA upgrade?


    1. Zerto recommends that you upgrade a vCenter Server rather than reinstalling it.
    2. When upgrading both vCenter and an ESX/ESXi, you must first upgrade the vCenter.
    3. Zerto Virtual Replication components are not affected by a vCenter Server upgrade. Protection continues and no additional procedures are required.
    4. When upgrading a vCenter Server, make sure that you preserve the vCenter database. Preserving the existing database is required in order to continue using the existing Zerto Virtual Replication installation.
    5. Make sure you keep the recovery disk save or move to different datastore.

    In addition I Suggest you will review the following KB Upgrading/Replacing a vCenter Without Affecting Zerto Virtual Replication


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