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Upgrading SQL on external ZVR SQL Database

  • Hello,

    What’s the best practice when needing to upgrade the SQL version running the external ZVR database?
    The SQL Server is currenly running SQL Server 2012.

    Any special consideration to be made? Should we stop the ZVM services whilst performing the upgrade on the SQL Server for instance?




    Hey there,

    When updating an external ZVM database, we suggest taking a snapshot of the database server before you begin, and stopping the ZVM services while performing the upgrade.

    Let us know if you have any further questions!

    Great. Thank you.


    I assume there’s no limitations from Zerto’s side as to which SQL Server version that is running the ZVM database?

    We’re planning to upgrade from SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2017.






    Page 43 of the Interoperability Matrix lists which versions of SQL server are supported for external databases, based on which version of Zerto Virtual Manager you are running. 2017 should not be a problem, so long as you are running Zerto 7.0 or higher.

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