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Upgrade Zerto & VMware

  • Hello All,

    I am facing a double upgrade dilemma and would like to see what folks’ thoughts are.

    We are currently running Zerto 3.5U7 on vSphere ESXi 5.5.  I have been holding off on upgrading as we wanted to do some significant testing first before rocking the boat with upgrades.

    So here’s my question(s) – do we upgrade VMware first or Zerto first?  Is vSphere v6.0 U2 fully supported on 4.5 U1?  I want to avoid any major delta syncs as that would raise the suck level significantly.

    Hey Chuck!

    If it were me I would upgrade Zerto to the latest version before upgrading VMware. It will work the other way around in most cases too, but in version 4.0 and later we have a place where you can easily see what versions of VMware are supported with your installed version of Zerto. (it’s in the top right menu under site settings… then the compatability tab).

    Chuck, We did the same thing about a month ago. We upgraded Zerto to 4.5 first and then VMware to 6.0U2. Everything went pretty smooth and we have had no issues since. We ran into a few longer syncs when working on a recovery host who didn’t want to upgrade to 6, but that’s only because we opted not to change the recovery VRAs and shut them down with host maintenance.

    OK – thank you.  I am getting my ducks in a row for the 4.5 U2 release.  Much appreciated.

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