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Upgrade to 8.0U2 error

  • Hello, I am trying to do an upgrade to 8.0U2 (from 8.0U1) and the Azure side ZCA went without any issues, however my onprem ZVM isn’t working. I get “ZVM peer API version checker” stuck in “In Progress” forever, followed by a Configuration Engine error, with this weird half-english message “Failed to verify An item with the same key has already been added”. Everything is still replicating fine, but I can’t upgrade all components to U2 which is not idea. I did the 8.0 to 8.0U1 upgrade a little while ago and that worked flawlessly, but not U2. Seeking some assistance, hope it’s something easy, else I will have to open a support call.

    FYI, I got it figured out with the help of our local rep! Two sites in Azure shared the same name, which was the reason this error was thrown. This shouldn’t be allowed in the first place from happening if it causes this problem, but at least it’s resolved 🙂

    Hello Dmitri,

    Contara from Zerto Support.

    Thank you for the information.

    Please open the case as S3. Can you please collect  log:

    In regards to the log gathering, please follow the next steps:
    1. Log to the recovery ZVM machine.
    2. Run Zerto Diagnostics
    3. Select the first option and click next
    4. Follow the steps and in every step select the parameters according to the following:
    Case number: ######
    Timeframe: Engouh  hours to cover the issue
    Alerts: relevant
    VPGs: none
    Sites: relevant
    VRAs: none
    vCD: no
    Hypervisor: no
    Hosts: no

    We need to report to the developer.

    Thank you.

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