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Upgrade SQL Server Express DB

  • Need to upgrade the SQL Server Express database from SQL 2008 to something that is supported.


    Mike from Zerto here. Is this for an internal ZVM database, or a ZVM database that is located on a SQL server separately from the ZVM VM?

    This is for a SQL Server Express DB that is located locally on the Zerto server, not on a separate server.

    Hello James,

    Thanks for clarifying. When the Zerto database is internal, we do not support upgrading SQL Express on the ZVM VM.

    My suggestion would be that if you have to upgrade, to convert the internal database to an external one. For more information on how to perform such a migration, please see the following document:


    Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 is no longer a supported version as of July 2019.  Are there any plans to be able to upgrade this in the future?  Do new installs still use this version?

    Hello James,

    The next major release should have a newer version of SQL Express, which is due out early next year.

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