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  • Hello, I’ve got an upgrade question. We are currently on version 6.5u4 on our recovery site, with most of our customers being on version 6.0u4 on the source sites.
    We are now looking to upgrade to version 7, but understand we’ll need to get our customers to within one version of our own first.
    My question is, can I upgrade our customers directly to 7, as they’ll still be only one version higher than us? Or do I need to do a two-stage upgrade, bringing them up to 6.5 first before I can upgrade them to 7?

    Thanks in advance


    you can only upgrade one version at a time.

    Upgrades are such as 6.x.x | 6.5.x | 7.x.x

    Updates are such as 6.5.3 | 6.5.4

    you can NOT upgrade from 6.x.x version to 7.x.x version, for that you will need to do a two-stage upgrade.

    as you wrote, bringing them up to 6.5 first before upgrading them to 7.

    you can refer to the Upgrading Your Zerto Environment for more information:





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