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upgrade question

  • 1) Is there a need to backup the config prior to upgrading? I’ve been looking around the Zerto dashboard and I’m not seeing any options for that. Maybe I missed it?

    2) Where do I get the upgrade files?


    Contara from Zerto Support.

    1 Please check below link:

    Upgrading Your Zerto Environment


    2. Where do I get the upgrade files?


    Click on “Software Downloads”

    Thank you.

    The first link states to take a backup but doesn’t go into detail on the process.

    1. Is there a way to manually backup the Zerto config?
    2. Is a VMware snapshot before upgrading a supported backup method?

    Hello, Atir from Support here.

    You can export a CSV file from the VPG tab by clicking Export or use this tool:


    For your second question, yes it is Ok to take a snapshot of the ZVM before upgrading.






    I’ve successfully upgraded my PROD Zerto install. I was about to upgrade my DR install and I noticed there is ZVM and two VRA’s (1 per host) but there is also a VRAH for one of DR hosts. Does this change the upgrade procedure in any way? I searched through the first document in this thread and there is no mention of a VRAH.

    Hi, Atir here.

    No, it doesn’t.

    What is a Helper VRA?

    • A VRA Helper is a VM linked to a VRA, which provides additional available SCSI targets.
    • A VRA Helper does not have an OS and therefore does not have an IP address or use VMware tools.
    • A VRA Helper is created proactively at the target site and prior to the target VRA reaching the SCSI target limit. Normally, once a VRA or a Helper reaches 50 attached volumes, the ZVM will create and deploy a new VRA helper.
    • Similar to a VRA, a VRA Helper must be left to Zerto Virtual Replication to manage, and must not be modified for any reason.
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