Upgrade path and questions

  • Hi we need assistans in some questions regarding upgrade. We are a cloud service provider that currently have an enviroment that conists of a ZVM and a ZCM that runs zerto version 6.5 U1. We are conducting upgrade planing phase to version 7.5 U1.

    Qusestion 1: Our plan is to upgrade this in two steps, forst going from 6.5 u1 to 7.0 U3, and the second step go from 7.0 U3 to 7.5 U1. Is this the correct way of doing the upgrade?

    Question 2: What is the correct steps of upgrading ZVM and ZCM on our (CSP) side and ZVM on customer (protected) side. In the upgrade PDF file is says: “You must upgrade Zerto and Zerto Cloud Managerin parallel, making sure that you upgrade the
    version of Zerto Cloud Managerbefore you upgrade the version of Zerto which is run by the CSP.”
    I think is a contradiction… How can we do it in parallell?

    Please advice


    Mike from Zerto here.

    1. Yes, that is the correct way to upgrade.
    2. The upgrade best practices says that so that you maintain the ZCM being one version apart from the ZVM, as going more than one version apart is not supported. In other words, if the ZCM is on 6.5 and a ZVM is on 7.0, that is supported, but if the ZVM was on 7.5, that would not be supported. You just need to make sure the versions of the related ZVM and ZCM sites do not ever go more than one version apart from each other.
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