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Update VM DNS after Failover

  • Hey Matt,

    Just for testing purposes, do you know how i would change the account that Zerto Runs the script? Should i just update the Log on Service?



    It’s the account that the windows service runs as.

    OK cool, thats what i was thinking. I updated it from the local account to the Zerto Service account i created.

    I will now configure the VPG with a Pre Script of the following


    Command : Powershell.exe

    Parameter : c:\scriptfolder\script.ps1


    Just to confirm, does that look right to execute Powershell?


    Thanks !


    I cannot confirm that as I do not use powershell for this. I use batch. I suggest you open a support ticket.

    Hey Guys,

    Its was the Service Account for the Zerto Service on the ZVM.


    Make sure to update this everybody to your service account you have given your DNS permissions to  and then restart the service and try again.

    This format worked for me


    Command : Powershell.exe

    Parameter : c:\scriptfolder\script.ps1

    Works like a charm now, when i failover it modifies the DNS of the VPG VM’s to whatever the DNS should be at the Protection Site.

    Thank you Matthew and Harry Big Helps here!!!


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