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Unable to update VPG settings

  • Hello all!

    I have a VPG that lost its recovery datastore settings for the VMs (Advanced VM settings > red outlined box) and it also needs to have the network changed on a few VMs before it will allow me to update the VPG. Turns out that you can’t edit both the datastore info and the network info at the same time, so I can’t do either.

    Anyone have suggestions?


    When I have encountered this, I have made the edits in two steps. So first the datastore changes then the network changes. Though it would be nice if they could all be done at once.

    Thanks for the reply, Connie! Unfortunately, I can’t save the changes to the datastore settings until a valid NIC setting is configured. Looks like I’m going to have to remove/add the VMs with the invalid setting.

    Some more info: I have a VPG with VMs from two host clusters that are using port groups from their respective switch. The default setting for the VPG was VLANxxx on Swtich A (which saved fine during the initial VPG setup). I have a couple VMs in a different host cluster on Switch B, so VLANxxx needs to be changed, but I can’t until the recovery datastore settings are set.  I’m in a chicken/egg situation.  :/

    Update: you can’t remove a VM and change the datastore settings at the same time either, so I’ll have to blow the entire VPG away.

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