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Unable to edit VRA VM resources – ZVM 5.0u1

  • I seem to have Zerto support stumped so I’m reaching out. We have a large VMware infrastructure with 5 vCenters running a mix of 5.5 and 6.0. We have about 150 VRA’s deployed across these vCenters with a ZVM assigned to each vCenter per requirement. All VRA’s are deployed with standard 1vCPU/3GRAM. We want to bump up CPU and RAM on select VRA’s in anticipation of larger workloads.

    In either the vCenter web client or the good ol fat client, I run into this issue. My vCenter account has full Administrator level privs so it is not a perms issue.

    When I put a host in maint mode and the VRA auto shuts down. I am unable to edit the VRA at all. Edit settings is greyed out. Interestingly when the VRA is running I’m able to Edit the VRA but not CPU or Memory (both hot add features are disabled for VRA’s even though we have hot add enabled in our infrastructure).

    When you attempt to edit a VRA or even move it in the VI, it always pops up the dialog about it being controlled by the Zerto plugin. To me this appears to be what is preventing the ability edit somehow but I can’t explain it.

    Anybody have any suggestions?


    Hi Ron,

    You should be able to shutdown the VRA, proceed past the “Managed by Zerto” error, modify the VRA settings, then boot it back up.

    If you wish to enter maintenance mode first in order to migrate VMs from that host — you can do so. This, as you said, will shutdown the VRA. You should then be able to modify the VRA and power it back on, then exit maintenance mode.

    BTW, if you do change the RAM, we recommend you match the reserved RAM settings for that particular VRA.

    If you’re still experiencing troubles, I recommend getting in touch with support to see if something strange is going on.



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    Harry as I mention in my first sentence I have stumped support thus far. My case is being moved to L2 escalation. As I mention in my topic content, I’m unable to edit CPU and Memory at all regardless of the power state of the VRA.

    If you move protection off of that VRA, could you remove the VRA and redeploy it with the increased CPU and RAM? I know that’s a lot more work, but it might get you through until they can come up with something. Just a thought.

    Mathew, Yes I’ve moved to that option. Are you aware of how you can adjust CPU quantity when deploying VRA’s via the UI or via script? I know I can adjust memory on them but haven’t seen where I can do that for CPU

    Sorry about that, Ron!

    On your last note, you are correct in that you still have to deploy the VRA and change the CPU count after deployment. Sorry for the inconvenience. Are you having any more issues with the newly deployed VRAs?



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