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Unable to create VPG “All VMs…already protected”

  • Hello,

    I’ve setup a ZVM tied to a ZCM as a site, and I’ve configured the ZSSP login credentials for it. For some reason, when logging in to that portal (port 9779), I am unable to create VPGs due to the following error: “All VMs that can be protected are already protected.”

    There are currently no VPGs created in this ZVM, and I am able to create a VPG on the standard admin side (port 9669). The ZVRAS are up to date and showing healthy for each host as well.

    Has anyone encountered this error before? Am I missing something simple?

    Thank you


    This is Kalsang from Zerto.

    I think you would need to create an RBAC on ZCM and add to the correct permission. But the error you got sounds like the VM was already protected in different VPg.

    But can you create VPG from the ZCM and from the customer ZVM?

    Best regards,

    Another thing I would like to ask is does the VM added to the resource pool?

    Best regards,

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