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Two Zerto instances

  • Hi All,

    We currently have one Zerto server used to replicate data to the Vendor 1. Now we’re planning to switch the replication to the Vendor 2 who has suggested to create another Zerto server for the new replication while we continue what we already have during the transition.

    Please advise if running two Zerto instances and replicating data to two different sites would create any conflicts or problem. Thank you




    Hi Calvin.

    Lir from Zerto support here.

    Replicating data from one site, to two different sites is definitely something you can do with Zerto. There is a built-in feature called One-to-Many (O2M) and it was designed for such use cases as you describe.

    A separate VPG will be required in order to protect an already-protected VMs. For example, source VM can be protected under up to three VPGs at a time.

    More in-depth information regarding O2M:


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