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Total Recovery Disk Size

  • I have a question about the Total Recovery Disk Size.
    With which setting am I able to decrease the total amout of GB/TB that the recovery disk size “uses”? And If I do so what effect do the changes have on the VPG/VM/VMDK?
    We are running very low on space (getting more and more urgent) and I am trying to find a way to “fix” this without moving single VMs to another Datastore.


    My name is AJ from Zerto Support. Unfortunately, deflating the mirror VMDKs on the target side will break the VPG. As the mirror disks need to be the same size as its peer on the source side.

    I recommend using RVTools to identify any Zombie disks in the environment that are taking up space. Connect it to your vCenter client and check the vHealth tab. Any Zombie disks should be double-checked. Please make sure that these disks are not attached to a VRA, whose name appears in one of the parent folders for said VMDKs. Once confirmed, you can remove these files.

    To download RVTools, and for additional documentation on this free tool, please navigate here:


    Let us know if this helps clear up space on the datastores.

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