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Time incorrect on failed over vm's

  • Aloha,

    Whenever I fail-over a vm, it boots with a time 10 hours into the future. It just so happens Hawai`i is UTC -10. The hosts receiving the vm’s are Dell 930’s. In the DRAC i set the timezone to Pacific/Honolulu. I also made sure the time in the BIOS was set properly. This worked on one host as I can Zert a vm to it and the boot time is accurate – the other two hosts I am at a loss. Any help is appreciated.


    We’ve seen it a few times. Generally for us an additional reboot resolves it when it comes up. There is a kb from zerto on this.

    Windows VM after Failover/Failover test/Move is showing up with an incorrect time

    Here’s what I found that makes the time correction simple:

    Synchronizing machine time with domain controller

    If you run from an elevated command prompt NET TIME /domain:mydomainname /SET /Y the system time gets set to your domain time.  It even reports back which DC was used to set time from.  I haven’t tried to put this as part of a script for moves (we don’t do a lot of moves) but it does take care of the time feature introduced when moving between VMWare sites.

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