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Throttle changes in 9.0U1 make no sense

  • It appears something was changed in version 9.0 regarding the bandwidth throttle.

    After we upgraded to 9.0U1, replication has slowed to a crawl across our 10 gigabit connection. We previously set the throttle to 1000 “MB“, which should have been 8 gigabits, according to Zerto support. I attempted to increase the setting to see if that would help catch up replication for the 48 VPG’s that are now out of sync. I received an error message that the maximum setting is 5 Mbps?  (Yes I realize 1500 MB is larger than 10 gigabit):


    According to Zerto’s own documentation, the minimum bandwidth required is 5 Mbps:

    Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? What’s going on with the bogus throttle setting in 9.0? Also, it would be super helpful and prudent to use the same measurement unit that everyone in the world uses for WAN bandwidth, which is megabits.

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