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Test Network NLE

  • Hi everyone, I’m looking for a solution to provide a Non-live environment spontaneously that is representative of the running live solution. Due to the complexity or the applications it would be better if we could utilize the power of Zerto to spin up machines in the test environment at will test and tear them down; however they may well be required to remain running as an option also…

    We have deployed Zerto in the usual setup whereby we’ve selected the target hosts at the DR site and can deploy¬†either in Live or Test environment. What I’m wanting to know is can I create a second test network (NLE) and spin up machines into this test network and leave them there running. I’m thinking of having a dedicated host to fulfill the NLE test requirement.

    Does this sound possible, feasible and is there anything in place already to make this a robust route to stand up a NLE.? To me this would be a killer application and have many benefits to my solution.

    Ideally I’d like to select any protected machine and start it and leave it in a NLE test network at will, but not interfere with the standard features Zerto provides.



    Hi Darren, I think I’ve done what you’re asking. Here is what I do, see if it’s what you’re looking for: Annual NLE full DR test is needed. Because I don’t protect via Zerto (or DR in any capacity) my domain controllers, I have to stage a certain amount of infrastructure to my NLE prior to failing over any vm’s. I do this by cloning my DC’s at the DR site, and I put them into my NLE via a different and isolated vSwitch. Once those DC’s are up and running, I have emulated what is running on my DR site, and I can proceed with my NLE testing. I then use the TEST facility within the Zerto software to spin up all my protected machines, in my DR site, in the NLE, via the same isolated vSwitch. They boot up, contact the DC just as they would in production, and I’m off to the races. I run annual tests this way, and it’s a breeze. The only thing to consider, is you can’t just leave a copy of your DC’s in the NLE. You’ll run into Kerberos and password issues. You need to clone them right before you start your NLE tests, and rip them out when the test is concluded. Hope this helps.

    Just to build off Matt’s post, testing in Zerto already allows for isolation – you simply have to tell Zerto what network(s) to use during testing versus the networks for live recovery.

    Hi Darren, that’s exactly what I have done as mentioned in this post.

    Note Sean’s reply too, I haven’t tried that out yet though.

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