Test failover time period

  • Hi I am new here, sorry if I post duplicate question. I want to ask if I have a VM with a 7 days protection by Zerto, and I trigger a test failover, is there any time limitation of stop the failover test? What happen if I test over 7 days, will it be impact to the replication? And any alert or mail notification will send out for remind me to stop the failover test? Thanks.

    Hi Phillip,
    Thanks for your question.
    As stated in the online documentation here (see “The Test Failover Process”):
    “The Failover Test operation creates test virtual machines in a sandbox, using the test network specified in the VPG definition, as opposed to creating virtual machines in a production network, to a specified point-in-time, using the virtual disks managed by the VRA. All testing is written to scratch volumes. The longer the test period the more scratch volumes are used, until the maximum size is reached, at which point no more testing can be done. The maximum size of all the scratch volumes is determined by the journal size hard limit and cannot be changed. The scratch volumes reside on the storage defined for the journal.”
    Hope this helps!

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