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Temporary target while relocating DR site

  • Hi! Our client has give us a task to relocate our on-prem DR site. While doing so, we need to avoid dataloss in case of a disaster strikes the production on-prem site. Our platform is VMware based.

    Can we use Long Time Retention from the primary site to Azure, or AWS directly, or must this come from the target / DR site?

    In a One to Many replication, what do we need on a third location (Azure or AWS) for our VMware based VMs ?

    Any other suggestions on how we can replicate data / dump at least the disk files to a temporary location?

    Cheers, Rune

    Super simple. You need to deploy a single ZCA in Azure/AWS, and pair to it from your production site. Then setup One to Many replication to Azure. ZCA is your cloud ZVM basically. With this setup you will basically be replicating to VMware and Azure at exact same time, and then can kill your VMware DR site when you want it gone and continue replicating to cloud only.

    We don’t use long term retention so can’t tell you about the other question.

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