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Takes long time VM Icon changing after Commit.

  • Hello


    When Live Failover, VM using another ICON before COMMIT on vCenter Inventory.

    And After COMMIT, It should chnaged usual VM Icon.

    But sometime, There is so long time takes to ICON changing after COMMIT.


    Someone know Why does it takes long time?


    Thank you.

    Hi Sung-Ki,

    I’m sorry for the delayed response! I’m gathering some detail for you and will be back with an answer as soon as possible!


    ~Harry @HarrySiii

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    the icon changes to the “usual” VM icon, once the promotion process has been finished.

    Promotion means, the blocks from the journal of that specific point-in-time get “merged” with the data on the recovery disk. Depending on the age of the checkpoint and the number of blocks in this checkpoint, the promotion process can take longer than with a younger checkpoint and cannot be predicted.

    Please feel free to reach out for additional questions.

    As an addition from another colleague of mine:


    Note that the ‘special’ icon is present because of the ‘managed by’ flag on the VM. In the vSphere thick client, if you select a pre-commit or failover test VM, you will notice in the bottom right of the vm summary details there is a box for ‘managed by’ and, during some phases, this will read ‘ZVR plugin.’

    This is how the software warns the user from doing things that could break the recovery process (storage or host vmotioning before the VM is committed and promotion finishes, deleting the FOT VM which owns the recovery volumes, etc).

    Hi, I found if you want to get the VM icon to change back to the ‘managed by’ icon after a commit, make a simple edit to the VM properties in vCloud Director (eg. put a ‘space’ in the VM ‘description’ field then backspace it out again, then ‘OK’ out).

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