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Synchronizing with site never complete

  • Hi,

    our environment have 4 site, all were running ZVR 5.0 U4 and vCenter 6.

    SG1 and HK1 have both direction VPG total 8 VPG ( 4 in and 4 out)

    form HK2 have 2 VPG only one direction replicate to HK1

    so, on HK1 WEB UI should able to monitor all VPG status, this setup has running almost a year, without any problem.

    from last week suddenly the HK2 VPG so on HK1 WEB UI status changed to “Possible for recovery” RPO is N/A, but on HK2 WEB UI seem display normal, which able to display the RPO in X sec.

    so, i unpair the site from HK1 and HK2, try re-pair again, i found on HK2 WEB UI the “Synchronizing with site HK1” disappear very quickly, but on HK1 it stay more than a day, now still so “synchronizing with site HK2” and unable to create VPG.

    any trick to resolve this problem?



    Hi Echo,

    I suggest submitting a support ticket for this to help resolve this specific synchronization issue

    BUT – have you tried enabling Zerto Analytics?  You can monitor all sites and all VPGs through in one place so you don’t have to switch between ZVM UIs.

    You can get information such as real-time and historical RPO as well as other information about protection status & health across sites and clouds.



    Hi Ryan,

    I experiencing the same problem.

    Could you please let I know why that happen and how to resolved.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you

    Thank you.


    Please help me.

    Thank you.


    In my case, disable FIPS on all Zerto componenet will resolved this issues.


    Erick Leonardo A

    Hi Sulistio P, I have te same problem, how i can disable FIPS on all Zerto Components?

    Hello Erick,

    In my case, I only need to disable FIPS on ZVM and ZCM, you can follow the link bellow :


    In any condition, maybe you need to restart Zerto services and repair the site again.

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