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Storage vMotion the Z-VRA's?

  • We are in the process of emptying out one of our array’s and I have some of my Z-VRA’s on it.  When I try to Storage vMotion the Z-VRA’s it tells me that they are managed by Zerto and that I should leave them alone.  Can I safely move them, or is there another option available to me other than tearing them down (with the associated VPG’s) and recreating them on another datastore?

    Another approach would be to simply evacuate the use of that VRA, meaning have no source machines on that host, and have no destination machines replicating to that VRA. Once you do that, you could remove the VRA and then redeploy on the new storage. That’s how I handle it when I migrate storage.

    Hope that helps.

    The warning can be dismissed, the VRAs have storage vMotion fine for me.

    In certain environments, customers have dedicated datastores and we take care to just move the 4 disk that belong to the VRA by using the advanced settings. If the recovery disks need to move as well, I typically move those inside the VPG as it easier to identify what needs to go where that way.

    After opening a ticket with support to address an issue after I deleted one and had trouble recreating it, the Engineer told me that the alert can be ignored for Storage vMotion.

    Check the VPG settings for default datastore, if you are destroying datastores. You want to change that to point to a DS that still exists, before you actually remove the array and DSs that were on it, or Zerto might error and not let you edit the vPG later, as it can’t find the DS it has stored in the database.
    Even though the VMs themselves are ok.
    And then you need Zerto support to do a direct edit on DB to fix the DS moref to point to something that exists.


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