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storage vmotion recovery vm

  • I have 2 vm’s being protected by zerto, that had their replication/recovery volumes changed, but where also in a recovered state before that. Can I storage vmotion them or do they require to be shut down? I need to decomm 2 of the ds’s they live on?


    This is Vladimir with Zerto Support.

    If the VMs are in a testing recovery state, you need to stop the failover test so the VMs can shut down. Once shut down, you can perform your svmotion. Also if you need to decommission the recovery datastore, you can edit the VPG and have them point another datastore within the recovery site.


    I have already changed the recovery/journal/storage settings in the vpgs, but these 2 vm’s were already recovered.

    I assume if they stop the failover test the new settings will instantly take affect? Or do I still need to svm them over?




    Yes, the changes will take effect once the failover test stops. But once you stop the failover test, verify within the datastores that nothing else is using it before decommission

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