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space discrepency

  • Source array shows 7TB of space in use, downstream array or DR recovery side shows 4TB in use. Why the discrepancy, shouldn’t it match source?


    My name is Contara from Zerto Support.  Does ZVM generated “The Alert VRA0013 “I/O error to recovery disk {disk_name} of virtual machine {vm_name}” message base on your question?  If it is, please see below explanation:

    This issue usually appears for two reasons:
    – The underlying storage is out of space or has very little free space (actual storage hardware, not virtual datastore within vC/VMM).
    – A disk was resized or that the disks’ sizes on the production and recovery are not the same.

    – Check for storage free space at the vendor’s hardware level.
    – Compare the size of the recovery disk with the size of the production VMs VMDK: Do they match in provisioned size, at the KB level?

    In case the disk was resized:
    Due to technical limitation, we can only resize volumes with a whole (integer) number of KBs. Please make sure this disk is expanded to a size that is a whole number of KBs which should allow the VM to be protected.

    To locate the problematic disk, navigate the VRA > Edit Settings of the VM > locate the corresponding disk > resize the disk size.
    For more information on how to increase the size of a virtual disk, refer VMware’s KB: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/1004047

    * To find the corresponding disks, export the VPG settings under the VPG tab in the ZVM GUI, and get a detailed list of the VPG information.

    If ZVR cannot track the disk resize, refer to https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/knowledge-base/resizing-a-source-disk-results-in-the-associated-vpg-entering-needs-configuration-state/

    Thank you.




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