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site to site migration VMware

  • Hi,

    We are migrating from one datasenter to another. Site A to Site B. (not sure if site is right term)

    What communication need to be in place for migration ? copying everything to new datasenter and enabling. Do esxi host subnets need to talk to each other ?

    subnet A <-> subnet B

    subnet A1 <-> subnet B1 ??

    subnet A2 <-> subnet B2 ?? I am having issues routing to this subnet because of overlapping subnet B2 in new site.


    Vcenter site A = subnet A

    esxi host1 site A = subnet A1

    esxi host2 site A = subnet A2

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    Vcenter site B = subnet B

    esxi host1 site B= subnet B1

    esxi host2 site B = subnet B2


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