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Single VM failover – Feature request

  • I have been asked by most of our customers if they can failover just 1 (one) VM from a VPG containing multiple VMs. Is this a feature scheduled for release. If not can this please be considered?


    Hi Liam,

    I think it’s an interesting idea, but I will say that VPGs are intended to hold VMs that need to maintain consistency with each other and be failed over & recovered together. Depending on their exact needs, there are a couple other options to consider:

    1. As of ZVR 4.5, end users can use Journal File-Level Restore (JFLR) to recover a set of folders, a single folder, or even individual files—not quite the same as failing over a whole VM, but useful in many cases.
    2. As of ZVR 5.0, we introduced one-to-many replication so that a VM could be in up to 3 different VPGs replicating at the same time. So the VM in question could live in a ‘normal’ VPG with others, but then also be in a VPG by itself; this latter VPG could then be failed over individually.

    One-to-many replication opens up a range of new protection options and would definitely encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already. Hope this helps!

    – Kevin

    Hi Kevin,

    I understand what you are saying with the changes in the newest releases, But…. As an end user it would be nice to be able to failover a single VM out of a VPG that contains a total of 10 VMs. For example if RansomWare occurs. Also to take advantage of your one to many feature, you need to upgrade your licenses and also need twice as much storage.


    So again I will ask Liam’s question. Is it on the road map to be able to failover a single VM out of a VPG that contains multiple VMs?


    Thank you


    Hi Robert,

    This functionality is still not available by default within ZVR, but there are a few work-arounds:

    1. You can make an offsite clone of the VPG and then remove all the unwanted VMs after the clone has finished
    2. Use RecSq (a CLI tool) to create a clone of that single VM

    I will have to ask product if this feature is on the immediate road map.  I have heard the request from several customers so I suspect it may be.  In the interim, I would suggest submitting a feature request through the ZVM because that will strengthen the use case for dev to add this functionality.

    I hope this helps!



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