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Set VM HW Version on failover VM

  • Hello all,

    Is there a way to specify the target HW version of the failover VM?  Our source VMs are Hyper-V VMs so there isn’t a one-to-one copy so the target VM is setting it to the highest level, version 10.  We’d prefer to set the HW Version to 9.  Obviously this can be fixed manually VM by VM but this is far from ideal.  Thanks.



    No way to do this today. We intentionally don’t touch VM HW versions in vSphere to vSphere, and for Hyper-V to vSphere you can see the attached doc on our conversion mappings. This is generally for driver support.

    Is there a specific reason to force a lower-than-supported VM hardware version?

    Our environment is 5.5 so Zerto sets the HW version to v10.  We don’t utilize any of the HW v10 features and the web client is awful so our target version for all of our VMs is v9.  We can always change it after the fact by editing the vmx file but it’s a huge pain and probably not worth the hassle.

    I’ve noticed something similar with replicating Hyper-V into vCloud Director using Zerto.  We purposefully have our vCloud Director set to use HW version 9, even though the underlying vSphere could support HW version 10.  When we recover VMs from Hyper-V into vCloud Director, Zerto recovers the VMs using HW version 10 but vCloud Director won’t accept them as it won’t support that version number.

    Editing the vmx files wouldn’t really be an option if a customer was doing failover themselves using the portal.


    Engineer at vCloud Service Provider

    Don’t suppose any solution to this has been found in the 6 months since the last post?  I’m using Zerto to convert a bunch of VMs from Hyper-V to VMware (6.0) but the resulting VMs then have to be replicated to a cloud with 5.5 hosts.  I really would like to avoid editing the VMX files directly if possible.  Is there any way to tell an ESX cluster to only create VMs up to HW version 10?




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