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Same VM different journal size

  • Virtual machines are replicating using one to many.Although sla times are the same but journal size is different on site 1 for some virtual machines. (for example; siteA JournalStorage siteA 366GB and the siteB 29GB )Also we are using wan compression when we are replicating data.
    Anybody have an idea?

    Hi Sercan,

    Do the two journals cover the same time span? What may have happened is Site As checkpoints may contain changes from the protected VM that occurred during a time Site B doesn’t have a checkpoint for as its replication / protection started at a later time.

    Thank you,


    We’ve seen where siteA has 24 hour journals and site B has 48 journals, and siteB is using less space.  Our difference is that siteB is using a different storage array that is getting better compression/dedup rates.

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