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RPO – how is this set

  • How do we determine the RPO? I can see if when I look at the VPGs, but is there a way to find out what is set at for the site? I can’t seem to find what it is set at.

    Iris from Zerto Support here.

    There is no way to determine the RPO. You can only set the target RPO alert for every VPG to receive alerts when the RPO is over the target time. RPO is set for VPGs, not for the site.


    Iris Zhou

    Are you referring to the Target RPO Alert value when you wrote “RPO is set for VPGs, not for the site”?  Is this how you set the RPO for the VPG?

    We can only set the target RPO alerts for the VPG, not the actual RPO.

    You can set a target alert(e.g. 1 hour) so when RPO is larger than 1 hour, you’ll see an alert in ZVM GUI.


    Iris Zhou

    Any powershell scripts to edit a VPG RPO alert?

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