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Restore vm missing restore plan

  • Hi,

    I tried to restore vm from the DR site. However, the restore plan is empty. I can only use the file restore. Is there any configuration to add ? Is it because I didn’t do the live failover. The test failover is OK.



    without looking into to your config it may be hard to understand what exactly you are seeing/doing, if you want to restore a VM to DR site you will need to trigger a live failover – which is essentially identical to a test failover but with the ability to keep the VM at the destination site


    Actually, the zerto config was done by a third party (in my case, it is included with cloud provider offer). I will see if I can have more information.


    It’s a common problem for beginners to face errors and VM missing in low DR sites. I saw the same problem on a site of beehouse coffee dripper but it restored VM plans successfully by following some extra and advanced techniques of a third party.

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