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RestAPI blank result from /vpgsettings 7u2

  • This is giving me just a blank square bracket response as a result. Other commands are fine and return data /vpgs etc…

    On-premise VMware, DR to Azure. Both sites updated to 7u2.

    We are trying to be able to have a JSON file we can update and add to to automate adding VMs to a VPG or just creating a new VPG all via code as when running anMOVE to and from DR site you loose all the config ( vNet, VM Sizes, Static IPs etc..) so this can easily update these VPGs if they are changed.

    Hi Lloyd,

    Have you created a vpgsettings  object by sending a POST to https://zvm_ip:9669/v1/vpgsettings ?

    To request a new vpgsettings object, in order to create a new VPG, you can POST with an empty body.  If you then send a GET using that object, you will get a VPG template returned: https://zvm_ip:port/v1/vpgsettings/vpgSettingsIdentifier

    If you want to create a VPGsetings object to view or modify information on an existing VPG, you can POST to https://zvm_ip:9669/v1/vpgsettings with a body containing the existing VPG ID.  Example:


    Once you have this object, you can GET to see information about that VPG or PUT to modify information on that object before committing it with a POST

    I would recommend viewing this document for more information on how to use this API:



    Neal Stearns

    Zerto Support

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