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reporting how much cpu+mem is needed?

  • I opened a ticket and support said this isn’t possibe.

    We are a service provider and we need to identify roughly how much cpu+memory is protected across all VPG.

    I’m dumbfounded that this isn’t possible. Zerto has to know how much cpu+memory a protected VM is because it protects the entire VM and brings up a copy!

    We are designing a separate DRaaS cluster for failovers and need to know what type of resources are needed to handle multiple failovers at once…


    This is Kalsang from Zerto support.

    Currently, the only option to see how much is protected is only for unprotected VMs in Analytics under VMs.

    But If you’re looking for the protected VMs then I highly recommend submitting a feature request through the ‘Aha!’ feature request approach to request this functionality.

    Best regards,


    Hi Nick,


    there is a resource report under the ZVM reporting tab which will have each VM protected and the CPU/RAM assigned to each.

    You can therefore run this report to see resources required

    Feel free to reach out if you have anymore questions




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