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Replication of very verbose VM

  • Hello,
    We have a VM that generate too many IO in a log folder that must be located on C:\ system disk
    This VM is so verbose that at one moment of the day, the replication seems not to be able to follow up data and the SLA isn’t respected anymore
    How is it possible to know what is the bottleneck between the ability of the source VRA to catch modifications, the network to transmit them or the target VRA to rewrite them
    One important thing is that the target disks are classical SAS on the contrary of the source disks that are SSD
    Is ZERTO analytics able to help me?

    During that time, I also asked my colleague if it isn’t possible to move these folder on a new disk that would be configured as temporary in VPG definition



    Your best option would be to initiate a log collection and open a case with support. The log collection generates statics that are used to identify potential bottlenecks. The analytics can be used to generate recommendations on the resources required to support replication for your VMs, using the planner. The following is a link to the Zerto administration guide:




    Starting on page 25 is detail regarding the use of the planner. This can be used to plan your resources accordingly, thus preventing potential bottlenecks. I hope you find this information helpful. Thank you.



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