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Replicating MSCS with RDMS to VMDKs

  • I am needing to perform a one-time migration on the active node of a 2 node Windows 2012 MSCS cluster consisting of shared RDMs to a different Virtual Center. The new environment consists of vSAN and does not support RDMs. I am hoping Zerto would be able to convert the shared RDMs to VMDKs. I have read the Zerto “Best Practices When Protecting Virtual Machines Running MSCS”. The document states:

    When replicating from shared RDM to a single recovered node with a VMDK, the cluster cannot be reconfigured. Zerto cannot protect shared VMDKs.

    My question is what is meant by the cluster cannot be reconfigured? Do the newly created VMDKs contain all the data that were on the RDMs? Is the O/S able to see these VMDKs? Does MSCS see the drives? Can the cluster drives be repaired if needed by using the VMDK drives? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Hi Mike

    ill try and answer your questions best i can

    i believe the issue is when the Conversion to VMDK has completed you cannot recreate a cluster with shared VMDK as this is unsupported

    so Zerto can failover the Node and convert the RDMs to VMDK and the node will start, but the cluster will not be able to be reconfigured as the shared disk are now VMDK and are not supported in a cluster setup


    Hope this helps


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