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Recovery Options Windows 2012 R2 in Azure

  • hey guys

    has someone seen this before? I’ve done multiple failovers and yesterday this VM failed and won’t boot into OS I get the blue screen with recovery options I am attaching

    any idea? thanks





    Viola from Zerto here.

    Please perform a force sync for the relevant VPG and try again to boot the recovery VM.

    To run a force sync operation, navigate to the VPG’s tab within the Zerto GUI. Select the VPG you wish to synchronize, then select More -> Force Sync.

    If this doesn’t get resolved, please submit a support ticket to further look at the issue.

    Best Regards

    Zerto Support



    hi I already opened a ticket – 00155888 – but I just wanted to know if someone from forums had that issue before.

    Case: Re-sync was done.
    Also azure support told me to extend C: partition capacity and that did not work and also told me to mount the VHD disk in a nested hyper-v virtual machine in Azure not sure why to do that I am asking them why?

    anyway no luck so far I’ve clone the VM since I remember I had a similar issue for Windows 2008 I cloned the VM the clone did work but this time it did so right now I am updating all latest updates to the Windows 2012 R2 and failover again

    I will keep you posted

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