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Recovery Network Setup

  • Our Zerto console shows nothing to use for the recovery network or test network. How are these set up for Zerto?

    Dan, the Recovery Network and Test Network drop-down lists will pick up the virtual networks at the target site that the Zerto service account has permissions to view and connect VMs to. If no networks are showing at all, there may be no available networks at the target site (for example if all virtual networks have reached the maximum number of ports), or a communications or permissions issue between the target site Zerto Virtual Manager (or Zerto Cloud Appliance, if using AWS/Azure), and the platform manager (vCenter, SCVMM, AWS/Azure) preventing it from seeing those networks.

    What service account does Zerto use? I’m logging into Zerto with a vCenter admin account for the source environment. In the failover/ test network dropdown I can only see 1 VDS. I can’t see any port groups on the VDS I Need to use, on any host.


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