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Re-IP of all Zerto Infrastructure

  • We need to change subnets of VRA’s and our ZVM’s. What is the proper sequence or recommended actions for doing this?


    I’m not associated with Zerto but we are going through something similar here as a cloud service provider. To my understanding the procedure would be as follows.

    • Build new ZVM VM
    • Export VPG settings from old ZVM
    • Delete all VPGs keeping the recovery disks
    • Remove site as a resource from all ZORGs
    • Delete all the VRAs
    • Unpair all sites
    • Remove license
    • Decom old Server
    • Install Zerto on new ZVM
    • Install License
    • Install VRAs
    • Repair to all previous sites
    • Add resource back to all ZORGs
    • Create a test VPG and then re export the vpg settings
    • Update the siteguid / localsiteid information from the test VPG export to your original file
    • Re import the VPGs

    This is what I have gathered would be the process for our environment.

    @Zerto if you can add additional insight to the steps above it would be greatly appreciated to myself as well.

    The main reason behind this question was we had the VRA’s and ZVM’s on the same OTV enabled subnet so when we had a circuit blipĀ  the replication failed due to network asynchronous routing issues until the ISP network back failed back or it was restored. I think as long as we can re-ip the VRA’s to a new non OTV port group I should be okay to leave the ZVM’s in the OTV port group and replication will continue the next time we have a network blip or circuit failover. Just as long as there is still IP connectivity between them.


    @Zerto if you can add additional insight, KB’s, or confirm my working theory that would be great.

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