Questions about Zerto naming conventions in Azure

  • Hello,

    I’m currently working on some Azure processes and want to confirm that a few parts of Zerto’s implementation of it are expected and not planned to change just to make sure what I’m working on doesn’t break with an upcoming update.

    1) When running a failover or failover test, the VM and its NIC are brought up in a new resource group named after the VPG. Is this design decision expected to remain (as opposed to coming up in the same resource group as the ZCA, for example)?

    2) When a VM is failover tested to Azure, it’s appended with “-testingrecovery”. This is different from when failover tested to VMware, which appends ” – testing recovery” (note all the spaces). Is this also expected to not change in the near future?

    Thank you,

    Hi Nina,

    I spoke with a few people and we dont expect naming conventions to change any time soon.  However, our Engineering and Dev teams are at kickoff at the moment so I can confirm when they return.


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