Protection of shared disk

  • Hello support.

    Is is suppored tha the protection of virtual machines using a shared disk with the following settings?

    * Detail
    – the VMs is configured for high availability cluster.
    – Each VMs are running on a different ESXi host.
    – the SCSI bus sharing mode is Pyhsical.
    – the shared disk is VMDK (not RDM).


    Hi Amir,

    Zerto does not support VMs with shared disks / multiwriter. This can be done in some cases when you have an Active/Passive node configuration, as long as there is never more than one VM writing to the disk at any given time, but in all other cases Zerto does not support protecting VMs with shared disks.
    If you are intending on protecting an MSCS Server with shared disks in an Active/Passive configuration, you can refer to the following documentation to ensure we can support it:
    For more information, please refer to the following KB:
    Best Regards
    Zerto Support

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