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Protection Group Removal Failed

  • I have a protection group that I can’t edit and I have tried to remove, but get an error: EV0003 Protection Group Removal .  Failed: Undo log isn’t empty.  Can’t start new transaction.

    Chris did you ever get a response and a fix?

    uninstalled VRA “using zerto” and can’t install it again…

    Failed: Undo Log isn’t empty. Can’t start new transaction, dependantIdentifier=[Host host-13185, server 8ff8fb39-28b8-47b1-b5c5-5b6e26f8570

    any idea?


    The same thing happened to us. I have a VRA I can’t re-install. We’re getting “Failed: Undo Log isn’t empty….” Anyone have any updates?

    I have the same issue as Amgad.  Does anyone have a resolution to this?

    In case anyone else finds this in the future.  The solution that worked for me, was to run the Zerto Diagnostic tool, and go through Reconfigure Zerto Virtual Manager screens (no changes).  That will check the settings, make sure things are registered, and restart services.  After that was complete, I was able to re-install the VRA on the host.

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