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Protected Size?

  • Hi Guys,

    In the webpage > Reports, you can get the “Protection over Time by Site” report, in this is listed the “Protected Size(GB)”

    Is there a way to pull this value using the API? – I’ve trawled the documentation but can’t seem to find it?

    I’ve also checked & tried combining various outputs from these queries:

    But nothing is jumping out at me as a matching value?

    Any help greatfully appreciated!
    Many thanks

    Hi Alex – The “Protection over Time by Site” report is unfortunately not yet available in the ZVM Reports API. A user could use data from the Resources Report API to create a similar report since the journal and recovery volume storage usage is stored here over time (either every hour or daily depending on site settings). Alternatively, the Volumes API provides at time of usage if a user wanted to store this data themselves or on a more aggressive interval. Lastly, the Analytics API does have a storage view and corresponding API available at https://docs.api.zerto.com/. If you would like, you can also log a feature request for Zerto to add this report to the reports API if the above were insufficient. — Justin

    Thank you Justin,

    How can I log a feature request for this?

    Many thanks

    Hi Alex – Our idea support is available right on MyZerto under Support & Downloads –> Submit a feature request (at this link while logged in: https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/support/feature-requests/) — Justin

    Thank you, I’ve submitted a feature request.


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