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Preseed of initial data – Cross Platform

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    We are doing cross platform replication ( Hyper V to Vmware ), because of the huge data size we have to have pre-seed the source Hyper V VMS to perform the initial sync. We are following the below steps,  upon following the steps i can select the pre-seed disk but when i update, the preseeded vmdks autmatically gets delete from Preseed folder and the VPG again goes to initial sync rather bitmap sync

    Would like to get some feedback if anyone performed preseed for Hyper V to Vmware Scenario, and what is the steps followed to get this working






    1. First convert the VHDX to a VHD according to the following article:




    1. Then convert the VHD to a VMDK:


    – Download the WinImage tool from:




    – Follow the instructions in the following article to convert the file:




    Please note that the conversion process will output two VMDK files:

    <chosen_name>.vmdk  and <chosen_name>-flat.vmdk


    1. Move the two files into a single dedicated folder and upload the entire

    folder to your Recovery Datastore.


    1. You should be able to select this VMDK for preseeding.

    Hey Ragesh,

    This process should work so I’d recommend raising a support case if you haven’t already. I usually advise not to try to pre-seed cross-hypervisor as it can often take longer than the initial sync. Bear in mind that the initial sync in ZVR doesn’t use a snapshot so you can leave it to run in the background. There isn’t a mad rush to get an initial sync finished like you would have with a VM snapshot based solution where it hits performance throughout and even worse on consolidation. Thanks,


    This could be automated using the PowerShell and PowerCLi cmdlets to convert from a vhd or vhdx to a vmdk and vice-versa, although it would need time to convert based on disk size.

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