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Pre-Post Script

  • Between 7.0 and 7.5 there was a “Script Hardening”
    <p style=”padding-left: 80px;”>User Script Hardening
    In order to prevent unauthorized command execution, Zerto no longer supports executing arbitrary
    commands and non-PowerShell scripts as part of the failover operations. Only PowerShell scripts are
    supported, and these must reside on the recovery ZVM’s local file system.</p>
    Scripting used to run as the zerto service, and actually execute powershell.exe. I was able to load powercli, or any module I needed, and perform tasks.  Now since hardening, It uses a “zerto powershell”  which I’m having issues getting modules to import, and simple power shell built-in variables to work.  All the documentation appears to be outdated.  Even the 8.0 documentation says you can still use a bat or ps1.  Which is of course not the case.  Is there any documentation someplace that will help me understand limitation?  or change it back to use “windows powershell”?  Support will only tell me that they “don’t support scripting, and I need Professional Services”.

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