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PowerCLI Properties

  • Is there a workable equivalent of this that will allow me to dig deeper in powercli ?

    foreach ($site in Get-Sites 9080 administrator password)
    Write-Host $site | Select-Object -Property *

    I would work up something like this

    #Connect to ZVM
    #create empty array to dump my final product
    $refinedresults = @()
    #save all sites to a variable
    $mysites = Get-ZertoSite
    #enumerate through each site and do what you need to.
    foreach ( $site in $mysites )
    #add a custom property to my site such as a friendly name value or a scripted property or something
    $site | Add-Member -NotePropertyName 'MyCustomProperty' -NotePropertyValue {'do stuff here'}
    #check for a certain condition to help filter my results
    if ( $site.property -ne 'value' ) {
    Write-Host 'Some response'
    } else {
    #add my result to the final
    $refinedresults += $site

    I’d recommend not writing to host unless you absolutely have to. Once you refined your results, you could do something like this:

    $refinedresults | select 'property1','property2','property3','property4'

    the important thing to remember is to use variables. That will let you work with the object as much as you want before you output the final result.

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