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Post-Script for changing hostname.

  • Hello Guys.


    I create script for Changing hostname of failover VM.


    It works on manual running.

    But It doesn’t works on post-script section.


    Thank you


    I Don’t Know Why.




    Post-Script with no params on VPG Setting



    1. Change-RHEL-hostname.bat file

    powershell -file C:\ZertoScripts\Set-RHEL-Hostname.ps1 >> C:\ZertoScripts\Result-RHEL-Test.txt


    2. Set-RHEL-Hostname.ps1 file

    # source vSphere PowerCLI Environment first
    . “C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\vSphere PowerCLI\Scripts\Initialize-PowerCLIEnvironment.ps1”
    # custom code follows

    #Sleep 90 sec
    Start-sleep -sec 90

    #Connect to Vcenter Server
    Connect-VIServer -Server -User administrator -Password Password -Port 443

    Write-Host “Setting Hostname for RHEL-Test-DR… ”

    #Change Hostname for RHEL

    #For Live Failover
    Invoke-VMScript -VM “RHEL-Test” -GuestUser root -GuestPassword Password -ScriptType BASH -ScriptText “hostname RHEL-Test-DR”

    #For Test Failvoer
    Invoke-VMScript -VM “RHEL-Test – testing recovery” -GuestUser root -GuestPassword Password -ScriptType BASH -ScriptText “hostname RHEL-Test-DR-T”

    Write-Host “Hostname is changed.”

    # Disconnect session vCenter
    Disconnect-VIserver -Confirm:$false



    This is all.


    Anyone have good Idea or example script, Please Let me know.

    Problem has resolved.


    I just Reboot the ZVM and all goes fine. 🙂


    Thank you, Guys

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