Post Recovery Scripts no longer run in 9.5u3

  • Several of our VPGs have scripts that run after the systems in them have been powered on in the recovery site.  These scripts do various things such as connect to Vcenter to automate reboots, connect to the Windows instance to run WMI calls to check services, etc.  For auditing and troubleshooting purposes, I have enabled transcripts on all the scripts so I can see what is going on under the hood.

    I was running a test prior to the upgrade (we were on 9.0u4) and all the scripts ran automatically when the VPGs restored the systems.  The day after the upgrade, I ran another test to see if there were issues, and these post recovery scripts now fail.  When I look at the transcripts, I either receive an error that running scripts is disabled on this system, or that I need to Provide a valid certificate with which to sign the files.  I have never had to sign my scripts in the past

    While digging through old transcripts of successful test, and comparing them to the new transcripts, It appears that Zerto is now running all scripts using PowerShell 7… which we do have installed and updated to 7.2.  PowerShell 7 was required in 9.0 in order to run cmdlts against the ZVM.  However, in 9.0 the Post Recovery Scripts would still run in Windows PowerShell 5, and now that they are also running in PowerShell 7, the change is causing the scripts to no longer run.


    I do have a support ticket open with Zerto, but so far have no resolution

    I have set the execution policy to RemoteSigned for both the CurrentUser and LocalMachine.  Keep in mind that these settings are defined in different places for Windows PowerShell 5, and PowerShell 7.  While I can adjust the registry and/or local policy to allow the MachinePolicy and UserPolicy to be set to RemoteSigned in Windows PowerShell 5, this cannot be done in the same way in PowerShell 7

    Before the upgrade, the transcript stated that the job was running as WORKGROUP\SYSTEM.  Now the job tries to run as WORKGROUP\<servername>$

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