Please explain DR Usage/Capacity Numbers

  • Hello,

    We are long time Zerto customers. I was just going through upgrading from 6.0 to 6.5 and QA’ing the upgrade across 7 ZVM’s and found what I’ve seen before but never understood the numbers. On our main PROTECTED site ZVM under the Setup > Datastores tab I see our long list of LUN’s with an alarming amountof storage shown as DR usage.

    I would expect to see this at the recovery site but not at the protected site. Can anyone translate what these number reflect? When I browse the datastores I see very little Zerto related data other than small VRA files. Sadly I can’t insert a graphical image into this post..

    Imagine a couple dozen 10T datastores that show as half full or more with “DR Usage”.

    Please advise.



    On the protected site ZVM, the storage tab DR usage is showing you the amount of VM data that Zerto is protecting.  Nothing is being replicated there as a target unless self-replication is enabled.


    I also see this. Our VMware with vSAN is in version 6.7U3, was using Zerto 7.5 two moths ago with it and when logged this particular point with Zerto I was told it’s as per John’s reply – just info on data protected on volume, nothing to worry about..   And then I got in all sorts of hell with my vSAN going into maintenance mode, crashing etc. Had to crash-delete it altogether from entire VMWare.

    Yesterday I’ve looked up and on compatibility matrix Zerto 7.5 was moved to ‘not compatible with vSAN’ state, with 7.5U1 described as compatible. Installed 7.5U1 yesterday and guess what – my vSAN again is showing data on DR tab, and it’s getting bigger with new VPG’s…  And as of 5 minutes ago it is a history…

    I need assurance this is not another bug and until I will get that – Zerto is not getting reinstalled.



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