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Performance issue on file server

  • Hello,

    we are using Zerto with an ESX-Host which is running a Windows file server, nothing else. When we move rather big files or directories (> 3GB) we get an deadlock situation. Could this be an issue of the data replication with Zerto. After about 30 seconds everything is performing in an normal manner.

    Kind regards.


    Have you tried removing protection from that system and or powering off the VRA on the host to see if your problem goes away?  Have you had this system protected for some time now and only now are seeing the issue? I don’t see how Zerto is causing this issue….

    Hi Brian,

    good idea, i’ll give it a try. It#s a brand new setup W2012R2 Server dealing as file server in a domain.

    For my understanding …. if i move a large amount of data on the server, it must concern the VRA Replication anyway?


    Hi Dirk,

    Sorry you are experiencing issues. What are you referring to when you say deadlock? Do you mean the VM? The host? ZVR behavior such as RPO? Other VMs?



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    Hi Harry,

    the fileserver is the only vm running on this ESX Host. Deadlog means, that the users will hang while brwosing in the explorer on a mapped drive from this file server for about 20 seconds.


    never seen an issue when replicating a VM and we replicate  a lot different kind of workloads and about 110 VMs no performance related issues

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