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per VPG limits?

  • Is there a limit to the number of VMs, or guest hard drive qty/size, in a VPG?  If there’s not a technical limit, is there a best practice?  In our environment, we’re hosting an application that has 3 SQL servers and about 50 IIS servers, and I was going to put them all in one VPG.  It’ll be about 8TB of data (about 110 HDDs), which will take a few days to do the initial sync, and I don’t want to have to split up the VPG later.  If it should be built-out using a few smaller VPGs, I’d rather build it that way from the start.  I’ve looked for some kind of best practices document for Virtual Protection Groups, but haven’t had any luck.  Thanks for any direction you could provide.

    I do not believe that Zerto has any technical limitation on the number of VMs per VPG but I do know that they recommend keeping the number of VMs per VPG somewhere below 10-15.

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